• April 23rd, 2020
    Written by: Kimberly

    For us, lockdowns can be a big change. There are a lot of stresses and a lot of uncertainty. With so much time stuck at home, it's natural to feel restless.

    For your dog though, this is nirvana. Your dog is probably the happiest they've ever been, as you do not have to leave them for what feels like years every time you go to work. Some people in Lake Mary, Sanford, and Longwood are even adopting new dogs to keep them company during these times.

    All that time you're spending with your dog is good. It does help build a close relationship between you and your pet. But you should also be aware of one problem with spending this much time with your dog: At some point, you're going to have to go back to work, and your dog will not be ready.

    Dogs Never Understand Leaving the Pack

    The reason your dog is always so upset when you're away is because, in dog packs, no one ever travels alone. Doing so is dangerous and hurtful. So every time you leave to go to work, your dog experiences distress worried that they've been left behind or that you may not be coming home.

    Training them to be more comfortable at home is hard, but comes specifically from consistency. When you leave every day and come home safe, many dogs adjust to the lifestyle and learn to be less distressed when you're away. Some may need extra training, involving a combination of treats and short outings, but either way your dog starts to understand that you leave and you come back.

    The Pack Has Stayed Together

    For the first time in your pet's life, however, the pack has stayed together. They have been, and are, becoming used to you being around. So what happens when suddenly you start going to work again? If you have a new dog in your family, what happens when this new dog has never known life with your family except when you're home?

    The Risk of Separation Anxiety

    Although some dogs will adjust fine to you leaving the house, many will struggle with mild to severe separation anxiety. Their instinct to stay together will kick in, and when you leave the house they may find that time devastating to their mental health.

    So what can be done?

    • Pet Sitting Breaks From You - Including Mid-Day Dog Walks - As a local pet sitting and dog walking company, we may be biased, but there is evidence that your dog needs some breaks away from you. We can come to your home, pick up your dog (with no contact, if you like), and take your dog out for a while so they get used to having you less around. This is also a useful choice if you plan to use our services in the future, as they'll be used to our sitters.
    • Take Some Consistent Short Outings - Figure out somewhere safe you can go (it can be outside just out of your dog's line of vision), and leave every day at the same time of day so that continue to be used to you leaving consistently. If your dog also has long walks and exercise before you leave, they'll find the situation easier to manage.
    • Remember Your Place in the Pack - You're the pack leader, and it'll be important for you to keep that role even while you're at home. It's so fun to shower your dog with love, but you still need to show you're alpha by eating before you feed your dog, making your dog perform tricks for treats, and other common dog training practices.

    It's so fun to be home with your pet all day. It's even more fun for your dog, who adores you and is happy to spend every moment with you nearby. But just keep in mind as you care for your dog that separation anxiety is possible. Try your best to reduce the instance of this anxiety by getting your dog used to your outings and calling FurBabies Home Pet Care, today.