• February 18th, 2023
    Written by: Kimberly

    FurBabies Home Pet Care is a Sanford, FL dog walking and pet sitting service. We provide mid-day/afternoon dog walking and related services for dog owners that are away form their pet throughout the day. Our dog walkers are pet CPR certified, background checked, and thoroughly vetted for their ability to not only provide your dog with the walks they need – but also to give them the love and attention they miss while you’re away.

    Many of our dog walking clients have us come once or twice a day, 5 days a week, to make sure their pets are getting some much needed exercise. But sometimes, what matters most is making sure that your pets get some of the exercise that you are not able to give them, and that may mean as little as a few extra walks a week from our dog walking team.

    The Value of a Few Extra Walks

    Dogs need exercise. Some dogs need a lot of exercise. One of the reasons so many people in Sanford contact us for dog walking is because they aren’t able to provide their dogs with the level of exercise that they need. We live much busier lives than at any time before, and so it’s not uncommon to find that giving your pet 30 minutes to an hour of exercise every day isn’t always something that you can fit in.

    If your dog simply does not get enough exercise because of your schedule, it’s important to note that even a few extra walks can make a big difference, especially when those walks come mid-day when you are at work. These extra few walks provide:

    • Stress Relief – Your dog is stressed while your away, and finds themselves more stressed the longer you’re gone. Someone to visit a few times a week during that time helps reduce your pet’s stress level, and the walking burns off some of that energy. A less stressed dog is a happier and better behaved dog.
    • Less Pressure on Kidneys/Bladder – Many dogs do an amazing job holding in their urine for hours on end. But just because they can doesn’t mean they should. Helping them relieve themselves a few extra times during the week can protect their long term health by giving them some relief from UTIs and other internal damage.
    • Healthier Muscles – All exercise matters. Even if you can only give your dog 15 minutes more exercise a week, that is 15 minutes they did not get before. With our dog walking service, you get an extra 30+ minutes every time we visit, which means a healthier dog for longer.

    Also, we know that you intend to walk your dog, and life often gets in the way. Sometimes, by having someone come to give your dog a few extra walks, it becomes easier for you to fit in the remaining walks knowing that your dog’s exercise needs are being met.

    Call FurBabies for Dog Walking in Sanford and Lake Mary

    Anyone can walk a dog. But at FurBabies, your dog is receiving walks from those trained in dog safety and CPR – along with a company that is reliable, on time, and trustworthy. Learn more about why many of your friends and neighbors work with FurBabies, or contact us today to get started.