Alternative to Dog Boarding in Lake Mary, Sanford, and Longwood, Florida

Alternative to Dog Boarding in Lake Mary, Sanford, and Longwood, Florida

Everyone deserves a vacation. If you have a dog, chances are there are times when you need to find some type of dog boarding – a place to keep your dog that they’ll be watched over and cared for, so that you can feel confident that your pet will be safe while you’re away.

But while taking your dog to a pet hotel or dog boarding service can be useful, it is not ideal for everyone:

  • Dog get minimal individual attention.
  • Dogs have minimal space.
  • Dogs get minimal sleep, because of all the barking.

Many times these dogs are also watched by those without the necessary training, kept in a cage for most of the day. And if your dog does run around, it is usually for only a few minutes and with many other strange dogs that may not be friendly.

Overnight Stays and In-Home Dog Boarding in Lake Mary, FL

Instead of traditional dog boarding in Central Florida, consider the pet sitting, overnight stay, and in-home boarding services of FurBabies home pet care.

Unlike the pet hotels and boarding centers in Lake Mary and Sanford, FurBabies can care for your pet in the privacy and comfort of either our home or yours. Our services include:

Pet Sitting

For dogs that do not require a lot of attention, we have our affordable pet sitting services, where we’ll come to your home, walk your dog, feed them, and give them some attention several times a day.

Overnight Stays

Instead of pet hotels and dog boarding, let us care for your dog where they are the absolute most comfortable: in your home. Our overnight stay services means that we’ll stay and watch both your home and your pet, all in the location that is best suited for their health and happiness.

In-Home Dog Boarding aka Private Boarding

If your home is not suitable for overnight stays or you prefer your dog be watched elsewhere, try our in-home dog boarding services. Your dog will have its own special place within our homes. Compared to traditional dog boarding, we’ll provide:

  • Frequent Attention as Needed
  • Far Fewer Dogs than Traditional Dog Boarding
  • Direct Trained Pet Sitter Supervision

Your pet will be able to sleep without hundreds of other dogs barking, stay in a home that is warm and comfortable, and find themselves with plenty of attention all directed at their needs.

No More Dog Boarding and Pet Hotels - Overnight Stays in Lake Mary, Sanford, and Longwood

All of our pet sitters at FurBabies are trained in pet CPR and first aid. We’re licensed, insured, and bonded, and we have years of experience working directly with dogs of all different breeds.

Instead of a pet hotel, contact FurBabies, and let our love of pets and comfortable accommodation options help make sure your dog is as happy as ever when you’re away. Contact us today to get started.