• May 28th, 2020
    Written by: Kimberly

    In Lake Mary today it's 91 degrees, humid, and raining. Your dog needs walks. But it also needs safety, and there's no denying that taking your dog out for a long walk in this weather is not the best, especially for furry and older dogs.

    Yet your dog is stuck at home, and dogs that do not exercise and have nothing to do are more likely to be destructive, anxious, and misbehave. Dogs generally cannot handle being bored well.

    So as professional dog walkers that care about your pet, what do we do?

    We give your dogs something that they need to cure their boredom: love.

    Exercise is important for your dog's health. But when exercise is not possible, what your dog needs most is fun, attention, and of course love. When we play with your dog, pet your dog, give your dog that attention it excites their brain and tires out their mind. It may not give them the physical release of exercise, but it does give them a chance to use their brain, which can help calm their active minds and lead to better behaviors throughout the day.

    We do our best to take your dogs out as long and as much as we can. But when heat or weather makes that difficult, the love, attention, and play that we give your dog provides the next best thing - a chance for them to use up their energy.