• October 10th, 2019
    Written by: Kimberly

    Dogs get older. And when they do, some things change. They can’t hold their bladder as long as they used to. They may need medications. They may have limited time to exercise, and need to be taken out in shorter bursts. Aging dogs are still wonderful pets, but they tend to develop issues that need to be addressed, and most working pet parents do not have time to address them.

    Let a Lake Mary and Sanford Pet Sitter Help

    Like people, dogs occasionally need a little bit of help when they get older. FurBabies Home Pet Care is here to help. Our dog sitters are background checked, trained in pet CPR and first aid, and 100% reliable, which makes them the perfect choice for your aging pet. With a pet sitter, your dog can receive:

    • Much Needed Bathroom Breaks – Older dogs often struggle to hold in their bladder, and even though some are still champions at it, it’s much less comfortable at that age. Pet sitters and dog walkers give these older dogs some needed bathroom time.
    • Medications – If your dog is on any medications that it needs to take more than twice a day, we can be there to provide the medications and make sure that your pet is getting the love and care that they need.
    • Walks – For dog walking clients, we can make sure your dog is still getting some walks during the day to keep their aging hearts healthy. Schedules get busy, but older dogs need these walks more than ever.
    • Check-In – Any time your dog gets older, it’s always nice to have someone check in on them, make sure they’re okay, clean up any accidents, and help your dog live its happiest life.

    Pet sitting provides all of this and more, capable of making sure your dog is as happy and healthy as possible, while also providing both much needed services and peace of mind for your family.

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