• February 15th, 2018
    Written by: Kimberly

    If you’ve had a pet, chances are you’ve used a pet sitter, kennel, or some other type of pet care service to watch after your furry friend when you’ve gone on vacation. Pet sitters are frequently called to care for dogs and cats while their owners are away, as no one else is reliably there to care for them.

    But what you may not know is that pet sitters may be called even when someone is not travelling due to work or vacation. Indeed, there are many reasons to consider a pet sitter even when you are not on vacation at all.

    Why Call a Pet Sitter?

    • Long Date Nights or Days Out – Just because your home has a bed doesn’t mean you’re always there. If you find that there is a day that you are often out all throughout the day and night, a pet sitter can make sure your dog or cat is still cared for effectively.
    • Day Away – It’s not uncommon to find yourself going on a “day trip to the beach,” or “children’s sporting events/tournaments” only to find that getting home may be difficult or time consuming. For example, imagine you decide to take a day trip to Tampa. At 2 hours away, it’s possible you’re faced with traffic, harsh weather, car trouble, or simply the inability to leave when you expected to leave. A pet sitter can help ensure that you have someone that can care for your pet even if you’re not in town.
    • Deadlines – Similarly, perhaps you are not sure when you’ll be able to leave work because of an impending deadline. With a pet sitter, you can make sure that someone will be there no matter how late it gets at work.
    • Unable to Care for Pet – After surgery, during an illness, or when you’re simply not feeling up to it, a pet sitter will be there make sure that your pet is watched and cared for. It can even be useful if you have to care for someone else and don’t want to worry that your pet is feeling unloved.
    • Senior Pets and Puppies – Caring for an older pet, or a new pet, can be tough. Even a normal 9 to 5 day work may be too long for a puppy or a senior dog. Pet sitters can visit during the day to make sure your pet is loved.

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